Video of Bespoke Polo being constructed.

The Custom Polo

Made To Order

Our iconic Polo shirt is now reimagined as the ultimate form of self-expression. Made to order for each customer, this Polo shirt is consciously knit, individually created, and hand-finished. Available in hundreds of combinations for men and women

Design your own Bespoke Polo

Design Your Own Made-to-Order Polo

State-of-the-art knitting technology

State-of-the-Art Knitting Technology

Three-week delivery

Five-Week Delivery

Made On Demand

Black-and-white video of sewing machines and shirt construction.

Knit on demand using the latest knitting technology

Six Iconic Designs

Video of Bespoke Polo in different designs.

Available in six iconic Polo designs for men and women

Colour Combinations

24 unique colour combinations with pony colour choices

Custom Text

Personalise your design with text on the sleeves

Get Inspired

Bespoke Polo shirts in different designs and color combinations.
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More Ways to Customise

Embellish your Polo icon for men, women, and children
Ships in 2–3 days

Stitch It

Customise your favourite Polo icons with custom embroidery and monogramming

Video of Polo shirt with different embroidery options at chest.
Embroidery Options Thread Colours

Print It

Customise your favourite graphic from our collection and we’ll print it for you

Animation of hoodie with custom graphics
Featured Graphics Best Sellers