Woman in fringe jacket & woman in fringe plaid shirt

Modern Heritage

From the streets of New York to the open skies of the West and halls of the Ivy League, American style is synonymous with Ralph Lauren. For Pre-Fall 2019, his most iconic influences are reimagined

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Ralph Lauren’s vision for men’s tailoring on women came to life through Diane Keaton’s character in Annie Hall. Mixing his designs with Keaton’s own pieces, the eclectic androgyny of Annie’s New York uniform was cemented in fashion history

The Southwest

Unlike any designer before him, Ralph Lauren saw elegance in the lifestyle of America’s wide-open spaces. His landmark 1981 Santa Fe Collection catapulted the rugged beauty of the West into the high fashion spotlight


Rooted in utility and craftsmanship, the patchwork patterns, needlepoint samplers, and sweeping silhouettes found across America’s heartlands showcased an authenticity that deeply resonated with Ralph Lauren

Homespun Charm

Inspired by needlepoint samplers, a tradition in American folk art, this jumper’s design expresses the same sweet eclecticism


The tradition and elegance of prep-school style speaks to the aspirational dream Ralph Lauren envisions, whether it’s sailing off the coast of New England or studying in the halls of the Ivy League