Collage of young men in Paris wearing iconic Polo styles

Heritage Icons

The enduring elements of Ralph Lauren style, set, this season, among the streets of Paris
Photograph of multilevel Parisian building

Polo in Paris

The courtyard at Ralph’s, Mr. Lauren’s immersively elegant Parisian restaurant, is the perfect stop for a cup of tea and a bite on the Left Bank. It’s impeccably set within Ralph Lauren’s flagship on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, Polo’s home in the City of Lights.

Iconic Jumpers

Refined fabrics are knit into timeless Ralph Lauren styles that have endured for decades

The Shield-Patch Cricket Jumper

An essential Polo design for more than four decades, updated with new colours and a vintage-inspired crest

Seasonal Outerwear

Springtime Shirting

In every style, shade, and weave needed for the season

Fine Tailoring

Heritage Accessories

Personal Style With Kevis Manzi

Kavis Manzi in tan jacket layered over blue collegiate-inspired sweatshirt
As a senior sales professional and stylist at Ralph Lauren’s flagship store on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, Kevis is an expert in putting his own Parisian spin on Polo’s signature styles
Kevis in plaid sport coat, tie, chinos & brimmed hat
“I can describe my personal style in one word: freedom. Monday I can be a cowboy. Tuesday I can be a workwear guy. Wednesday I can be a 1920s dandy. I feel like I can use everything.” —Kevis Manzi