[Polo Ralph Lauren | MLB Lock-Up]
A curated collection that brings Ralph Lauren’s signature style to America’s Pastime
Images/graphics of trading cards are for illustrative purposes only, and actual products are apparel items pictured therein.
Caps produced and sold by New Era Cap Company.

Resort Tailoring

Lightweight and unconstructed suiting, sport coats, and tailored jackets add a polished touch
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Man in belted navy jacket & brimmed hat sitting by water
New interpretations of Ralph Lauren’s legendary ’90s sportswear, captured at the Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine and modeled by some of Japan’s best—and best-dressed—pro BMX riders
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BMX rider on mountain wearing Polo Sport apparel & accessories

Family Style

Eight portraits of mums and dads, sons and daughters together in Polo heritage
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Family in Polo outfits walks on grass.

Polo Classics

The Iconic Cricket Jumper